Churchgoers under attack in the Congo #PrayforCongo


Churchgoers under attack in the Congo #PrayforCongo


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The Lay Coordinating Committee has issued a call for a second march on Sunday, January 21st. They have vowed to pressure the Kabila regime until it meets their demands (

The people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have suffered tremendously, in large part because of the tremendous blessing of natural wealth that has been bestowed upon them by the Creator.

Millions of Congolese perished at the dawn of the 20th century due to a rush for rubber to fuel the burgeoning tire industry. Men and women of faith like William Sheppard and Maria Fearing appealed to the world to stand with the Congolese people and bring an end to the exploitation and concomitant atrocities.

At the dawn of the 21st century millions of Congolese are again perishing as coltan and cobalt are savagely extracted from the blessed country in order to fuel our cell phones and electric cars. Unfortunately, there has been a deafening silence from people of faith and conscience around the world.

Congolese elites and corporate raiders from the world over continue to pilfer the Congo at the expense of the people. The current leader of the Congo, Joseph Kabila is one of the main beneficiaries of Congo’s wealth. His constitutional term ended in 2016, however, he has refused to leave power. He has used fear and force to maintain a hold on power. On Sunday, December 31, he unleashed a ferocious barrage of military might (tanks, stun guns, teargas, live bullets) against churchgoers who dared to engage in a peaceful march after church calling on Kabila to depart power and allow the country to move forward peacefully.

According to the Catholic Church in the Congo, at least a half dozen people were killed, dozens were injured, hundreds arrested, 12 altar boys arrested, pastors were beaten and arrested and live bullets and tear gas were fired into churches desecrating the holy sites.

As faith leaders, we call on world leaders and people of conscience throughout the globe to impress upon the leadership in the Congo to cease its onslaught on peaceful, nonviolent parishioners who seek basic fundamental human rights.

We stand with the Congolese faith leaders and their followers who are responding to God’s call to stand with and defend the meek. We encourage faith leaders throughout the globe to join us in this call for peace and justice for the sons and daughters of the Congo.

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Image Source: AFP/GETTY

Police used live ammunition at churches. Security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo have killed at least seven people at a protest calling for President Joseph Kabila to step down, UN peacekepers say.


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