Baltimore Rising: From Soil to Sanctuary


Baltimore Rising: From Soil to Sanctuary

In these very chaotic times is easy to find yourself running from issue to issue…it takes focus and discipline to stay the course..put in the work..and build not for the moment, but for the betterment of the movement…and the future of our community.  #beyondReActivism #OrganizingforPower

Last Friday I drove down to Bethel, North Carolina to spend the day with my brother and friend, Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III, founder of the The Black Church Food Security Network (BCFSN). Birthed during the Baltimore Uprising, the Black Church Food Security Network seeks to build a network and pipeline from soil to sanctuary…promoting healthy eating, food equity and the eradication of Food Apartheid… But this is not just your run-of-the-mill community garden program – the BCFSN has the potential to be an economic engine and distribution chain for Black farmers, Churches and entrepreneurs.

Check out this article in the Afro and support our dear brother.…/

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