Black Evangelicals Urgently Oppose Hate and Violence of White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA


Black Evangelicals Urgently Oppose Hate and Violence of White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA

By Walter A. McCray,

Herein the National Black Evangelical Association goes on record in our opposition to the racism, bigotry, violence, and hate perpetuated by anti-love and anti-justice groups demonstrating their white supremacy, neo-Nazism, KKK, skinhead, and “alt-right” ideologies in the tragedies of Charlottesville, VA and other places throughout America, and against people of African-descent, Jews, and other non-white persons of humanity’s color of God’s creation, redemption, and preservation. We do so in the spirit of our prophetic Black evangelical calling, which is . . .

“Prophesying in the Name of Jesus Christ our God, calling both the LORD’s Church, and the world with its societies and social systems to repentance and to the order of God’s kingdom, and ‘speaking the truth in love’ with one collective voice in the power of God’s Spirit—speaking truth to illegitimate and immoral power, speaking righteousness to all injustice and ungodliness, speaking spirituality to materialism and Satanism, and speaking life and life eternal to death.” (Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African- descended Evangelical Identity, Black Light Fellowship, Chicago)

Alongside the good citizens of Charlottesville, VA, and compassionate peoples of the nation and the world, we witnessed in the violent actions of white nationalists and supremacists an overt manifestation of demonic and ungodly powers of those who are haters and destroyers of God’s children, righteousness, spirituality, and peace in our society. We condemn them for both their immoral and uncivil attitudes and destructive actions, and unite in resisting their forces with all the God-fearing, justice-seeking, and peace-loving persons and institutions in our communities.

NBEA also believes that the experience of Charlottesville, VA is yet another wake-up call for people of African descent to hear the voices of our righteous ancestors who would continually remind us that: “Black people NEED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. In this country, we are all that we got.” Black people need to “watch” and “work” together, as well as to “pray” for the mercy and transforming power of God.

The NBEA also goes on record as calling on white evangelicals to oppose by word and deed the satanic, systemic, and personal manifestations of the sins of racism and white supremacy among their constituents and governmental leaders–including the nation’s pitiful and unrepentant President–who listen to them as professed Bible believers and followers of Christ, the Lord and Liberator of the oppressed.


Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray is the President of the National Black Evangelical Association and author Unity In Diversity Without Enforced Conformity: Collaboration and Integrity of Activist Black Believers





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