White Saviour Complex Narratives

Panel Discussions

White Saviour Complex Narratives

Panel discussion at Greenbelt festival 2018 with Richard Bartlett, Rebecca Boardman, Anthony Reddie and Evie Vernon. Have missionaries had their day? Do they carry too many vestiges of imperialism, colonialism and conforming ‘others’ to a western culture? Does this simply perpetuate the ‘White Saviour’ complex or might there still be a space for the missional movement of people in the 21st century? Chaired by Duncan Dormor, General Secretary of USPG, a 300-year-old mission agency seriously rethinking mission.

What is Greenbelt? Greenbelt believes that things often kept apart can and should be held together. Things like artistry and activism, spirituality and politics, faith and justice. It is a festival where these things belong together and where all are welcome.

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