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American democracy is in crisis. Racial justice, civil and human rights progress of the past two decades is being reversed at an alarming rate. Brazen and bold acts of racial terror by white supremacists, KKK, and Neo-Nazi sympathizers seek to intimidate and instill fear in African Americans and others seeking equality in our nation. This dangerous trend cannot win against an intergenerational coalition of clergy engaged in sustained acts of Righteous Resistance. We will not be moved. We are not going back. We will not be intimidated by racist ideology from advancing justice and equality in America. We will develop a theology of righteous resistance to guide our acts of resistance, protest, protection, and healing. Most of all, we will keep our eyes on the prize of public policies that seek to kill and marginalize vulnerable people. We will vote! This Clergy Anti-Racism Preparedness Toolkit provides guidelines for direct actions that churches can take to proactively and legally resist hate groups. It provides tips and tools on what you can do when hate groups come to your town. It provides facts about how to identify hate groups in your area, together with anti-racism preparedness training tools. We are especially grateful to those who contributed materials for this toolkit including diverse faith leaders participating in #RigheousResistance clergy calls, PICO National Network, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (LCCRUL) Stop Hate Project, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), African American Ministers in Action, Values Partnerships, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and National African American Clergy Network. Together, we will win!

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